Accounting Professor Comes to La Sierra U

Hello all, Professor David Albrecht checking in.

I feel a bit odd talking about my qualifications, so I won’t.  You can check out my bio on LinkedIn (send an invitation to connect if you want).  But the bio doesn’t mention why I’ve come to La Sierra University and its Tom & Vi Zapara School of Business.

I’m here because I was sent. Have you ever been sent on a mission by God? Upon receiving marching orders it is not appropriate to do a Jonah, I assure you.

How do I know? God didn’t speak to me in a small or big voice.  But it has all the tell tale signs.  La Sierra U has a pressing need, and I seem especially qualified to fill it.  Dean John Thomas and Executive MBA Director Jodi Cahill have told me I’m an answer to prayer.  For me, all the other doors shut and the door to La Sierra opened (very) wide.

It reminds me of May, 1980. I had just completed a masters degree in accounting from the University of Iowa, and at age 31 was yet to find a full-time permanent job.  So late in a week shortly after graduation, I traveled to Berrien Springs, MI, to rest and recuperate at a friend’s house.  Said friend was the organist at the extremely large SDA Pioneer Memorial Church.  Bright and early on Monday morning, I traveled to the nearby Andrews University to walk around campus.  Signs everywhere said shorts were inappropriate dress. I was wearing a T-shirt and short cut-off jeans.


Summoning up some courage, I walked into Nethery Hall, then home to the Andrews University School of Business. In the office, and feeling way out of place, I picked up a brochure to read. A man dressed in a suit walked out of his office and we started to chat. Within five minutes, I realized his questions seemed like those common to a job interview.

Dean Dale Twomley then told me that on Friday one of his accounting professors has tendered notice he was not going to teach the next school year.  And now, on Monday morning (and after he and others had prayed all weekend) I had walked through the door. He said that until he received notification otherwise, he would treat me like the answer to his prayer.  Still wearing shorts, T-shirt and sneakers with no socks, I was interviewed by every official at the university.  And yes, I served there five years.

For the time being I am serving at La Sierra University.

Have you ever felt as if you had been sent on a mission by God? Being sent to college is a mission frequently assigned to college age adults. Yes, you heard me correctly. Going to college is a Godly mission. And going to a Christian college can be a blessed experience.

Are you a current or future student?  Why not join me for an adventure at La Sierra University?

by Professor David Albrecht



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Author:David Albrecht

Accounting professor, social media expert

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