Clubs and Organizations

Enactus (SIFE) – Formely know as SIFE or Students in Free Enterprise, this student-led organization develops creative, high-impact projects in the local and global community to produce sustainable, positive change. And with six National Championship and two Enactus (SIFE) World Cup wins, La Sierra Enactus stands as a defining example of a La Sierra University education. To learn more about the Enactus Team, visit their website by clicking here.

Business Club – In the School of Business, we are all family, and this sense of community is much due to the work of the Business Club. The club is responsible for a number of events and activities throughout the year, working towards making our students not only the smartest students on campus, but also the happiest and best-fed. Students can join the Business Club on OrgSync for the latest news and updates.

Accounting and Finance Society – Called “AFS” for short, the Accounting and Finance Society is a highly active student group within the School of Business, frequently engaging in professional development opportunities, speaker series’, and fun activities for its members. Students can join AFS on Orgsync.

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